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Our Maui Worx team has been trained by the best in the industry. We now feel confident saying that we are experts. The standards and quality of our repair process, techniques, and accuracy of color matching are unparalleled. We are industry leaders in leather, plastic, vinyl, fabric, and upholstery restoration jobs.

We repair all types of vinyl including auto trim and molding, as well as leather repairs. Whether you are looking to repair your cracked, faded, or damaged dashboard, vinyl seats, door panel, or leather car seats, call us!

We also restore and refurbish damaged leather couches and chairs! Rips, scratches, burns, fades, odors and worn out areas can all be like new again!

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OUr services include

  • Automotive: leather seats, vinyl seats, cloth seats, dashboards, door panels, trim panels, custom jobs and more.
  • Furniture: leather or vinyl sofas, chairs recliners, any leather or vinyl furniture, and more.
  • Marine: engine covers, seats, side panels, dashboards, and more.
  • Business: casinos, bar & lounge, restaurants, and more. 

Keep your customers comfortable happy, & coming back again and again, without the costly expense of furniture replacement. We also service the hospitals and doctors office’s in the medical industry.