Infrared thermography is real-time, non-destructive imaging that allows for fast scanning of stationary targets. This helps to find dangerous situations before it’s too late!

If you have a marine survey done, it is beneficial to have a thermographic inspection performed by a technician with a high-quality thermography camera. By having this done you can find problems before they turn worse and require costly repairs.

Maui Worx, LLC has a qualified technician trained to use the cutting-edge E60bx Flir Thermography Camera, so you can be sure you are getting a report you can depend on. We are qualified to do underwriting reports as well if you need a boat survey for your insurance company.

Benefits of Thermography:

  • Non Destructive Imaging assess priorities for corrective action.
  • Minimize preventive maintenance and troubleshooting time
  • Comply with insurance requirements
  • Check for defective equipment while still under manufacturer warranty
  • Detect problems quickly, without interrupting service
  • Reduce unscheduled power outages

Different types of applications:

  • Marine surveys
  • Mechanical, friction
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Fluid flow problems
  • Tanks and vessels
  • Buildings
  • Furnaces and boilers